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 Current downloadable version = 1

Version 1.2 coming soon


This is goku in my own style, using arcade 2 sprites.
This is an update from the demo last year, i done this quite a while ago but never released

The fighting stlye is custom and is influenced from various games such as dbzarcade 2, mvc,
budokai and other fighting games.


v1.2 (Upload coming soon)
-Some fx changed
-Gut stun no longer puts p2 into custom state and can no longer be combo'ed off other moves
into an infinite.
-Super Warp Kamehameha added
-Some animations slightly changed
-Basic ai system added
-New palettes

v1(Current downloadable version
-Hyper mode added (same as trunks)
-Ultimate move added
-Counter Warp added

Some other things were probably fixed and changed but i cant remember now.

Thanks to

Majita - Sprites and FX
Supermystery - FX and Sound
Acey,Kong,Redhot,Scar - Mvc Base
Winane and others - Ai activation method
Majin Vegetto - Voices

Move list

X- Light punch
Y- Hard punch
A- Light kick
B- Hard kick
(have close range attacks)
z - charge
c - ki blasts

x+y - Guard Push(During Guard)
a+b - Counter Warp(During Guard + 500 ki)
z+C - Hyper Mode(3000 ki)
D,U - Super Jump (Holding up after standing hard crouch punch and standing hard kick also
triggers super jump)

QCF X - Gut Stunner
QCB X - Gut Wrencher
QCF Y - Kamehameha Bomb (Can in air)(Uses 500 ki)
QCB Y - Teleport Kamehameha (Can in air)(Uses 500 ki)
QCF A - Ki explosion (Escape move)(Uses 200 Ki)
QCB A - Dash Kick (Can in air)
QCF B - Axe Spin
QCB B - Teleport Behind Oppenent

2QCF Y - Super Kamehameha(Can in air)(Uses 1000 ki)
2QCB B - Teleport Smash (Uses 2000 ki)
z - Hyper Teleport Kamehameha(Must be in hyper mode)

QCB B, X - Teleport Gut Wrencher
QCB B, Y - Teleport Kamehameha (Uses 1000 ki)

Command Notes:

You can peform Super Kamehameha after Teleport by pressing y (1000 ki)
You can perform Gut Wrencher after Teleport by pressing x