DragonBallz Base Character

Size : 1650.489 Kb
Type : rar

Super Vegeta sprite pack from DBZ Arcade 2 Super Battle


They will need to be cleaned of the hitboxes , hopefully ill get round to doing this unless someone else will, and may need resizing small, allthough that shouldnt be difficult for people who know what they are doing.

Tekken 3 Jin Kazama Sounds

Ripped by me

Complete sound pack for jin kazama tekken 3 playstation version


Please credit me if you use them

And i will take tekken sound requests from t1-t3

Ultimate Battle Goten Sprites

Original open source sprites were by majita (credit goes to him)
I edited them to have no outlines
Both sheets are in there
Sample - (Left image no outlines, Right image original outlined)


Shin Butoden Vegeta Sprites

Sprites by majita credit him if you use