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Downloadable Version = None

Heres my current WIP, Goten

Unfortuanetly there was never a third arcade 2d game so gotens sprites were never created therefore im going to create him using shin butoden sprites.

He will play like goku and trunks but will obviously have weaker basic attacks and specials.

Things done:

Basic Sprites and some animations

Some basic attacks

Some Palettes


He will have 6 buttons, 2 punch and kicks, ki blast and a charge.

He will have a hyper mode in which you wil be able to perform his ultimate move.

Some Ideas

Lvl 1 Attack - Kamehameha

Lvl 2 Attack - Goten Barrage

Hyper Move - Trunks Helper


The usual stuff, ki bombs dash attacks , flurry punchs and kicks etc


All light to hard, close attacks to normal reach attacks, hi to low, some lows to high, will be able to chain a weak 5 hit combo and end with a special or only a few hard hits and again can combo into a special or a super attack.

Comments ideas and suggestions all welcome.

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