Last updated = 30/07/2008

Current Version = 2

Downloadable Version = 2

Update? = Probably wont come back to this, this was created a long time ago

This is my conversion of jin kazama from nxc to mugen. I decided to take full
advantage of the six buttons used for mugen and so jin has three punches and
three kicks. Due to the lack of sprites, jin's crouch attacks are the same as his
stand, and there are no air attacks.

Combo System:

You can combo basic attacks like this:
Light to Light
Light to Medium
Light to Strong
Medium to Strong

Or you can throw a nice combo together:

Light to Medium to Strong

Light to Light to Medium to Strong

The strong punch launches the oppenent to make it possible to juggle

Special Moves :

Demons Paw - FF, y

Laser Cannon - B, F, y, x, y

Laser Scraper - B, F, y, x, z

Double Lift Kicks - D, a+b (or a+c or c+b)

Spinning Flare Kick(SFK) - a+b (or a+c or c+b)

Double Chamber Punch - F, x+y (or x+z or y+z)

Avenger - D, B, x+y (or x+z or y+z)

Power Stance - B, x+y (or x+z or y+z)
(Increases attack level for a while)

Light Slide - F, DF

Hook to Cross - (Light Slide) x

Thunder God Fist(WGF) - (Light Slide) y

Right Roundhouse Punch(WHF) - (Light Slide) z

Electric Wind God Fist(EWGF) - (Light Slide) Quickly y

Electric Wind Hook Fist(EWHF) - (Light Slide) Quickly z

Kazama Style Combo - D, DF, F, z or c

Combo Finish 1 EWHF - z (as last kick connects on kazama combo)

Combo Finish 1 SFK - C (as last kick connects on kazama combo)

Combo Suggestions:

x, y, z

x, y, c

x, x, y, z

a, b, c

a, y, z

a, b, z

x, b, z

x, b, c

a, y, c

x, y, z, c

z, x, x, x, F, DF, (quickly) z

Super Juggle B, F, y, x, z, x, x, x, x, x, c

Hyper Juggle - D, a+b, x, B, F, y, (wait) x, z, x, x, x, D, DF, (quickly) z
(This requires a lot of practise and expert timing)

There are many more combos to discover, so experiement and see what you come up

With the Super juggle i made up see how many x punches you can do before doing
the Electric Wind Hook Fist


Special Thanks:

To Croix for his jin nxc sprites and whoever ripped the other jin nxc sheet(there
was no name).

To Eigth Gate Of Hell for their Jin Kazama sound rips.

To Final Blast for their tekken sound rips.

To O Ilusionista for blanka electricity fx.

To Blaze, i got my hitsparks from his ub22 lifebars and recoloured them.

To namco(namcobandai) for tekken.

To electbyte for MUGEN

And you for downloading and hopefully giving good feedback! :)

Things to do


2.Check damage values on tekken 5/dr, work out the percentage they deal from
150 health and change the damage values accordingly for mugen for 1000 health

3.Super Combos Hyper Combos

4.Juggles - change launching heights and tweak every move to suit juggles