Current Version = 1.5 Final (Download coming soon)

Version Downloadable = 1.3

Things to do:

 AI || Change some fx || Some other small changes


Version 1.3

Fixes from 1.2

Super Jump Command Fix

Super jump after dash flurry and sword upper

Guardsounds on projectiles

Air sword slash animation change

Air sword slash velocity change

Air dash added

Envshake added on burning heat

Dust no longer binded to trunks

Air light punch can no longer chain into itself

Thanks to those who gave useful feedback!


Version 1.2

Fixes From orignal version

Infinites removed

Specials now cant combo into another special half way through a move only at end

Intro sound stops if intro is skipped

Ki blasts fixed

Some get hitsprites realigned(i noticed this was messed up on certain character throws)

Super Jump command now easier

Special Launcher move now launches higher and can chain into super jump

Super Moves No longer give power

This is my trunks and the first character for my new mugen project.
This character is based off the mvc template, however many things have been changed.
I mainly used that template for the fx it has and it includes many essential basics like
super jump.

Thanks to

Majita - Sprites and FX
Supermystery - FX and Sound
Acey,Kong,Redhot,Scar - Mvc Base
Silver Flame + Colosse - Helping me acuire some sounds
Majin Vegetto - Voices
Move list

X- Light punch
Y- Hard punch
A- Light kick
B- Hard kick
(have close range attacks)
z - charge
c - ki blasts

x+y - Guard Push(During Guard)
z+C - Hyper Mode(3000 ki)
D,U - Super Jump
(Hold up after Sword sweep, Dash Launcher and dash flurry) - Super Jump Combo starter

QCF X - Sword Slash (Can in Air)
QCB X - Sword Sweep
QCF Y - Finish Buster (Can in air)(Uses 500 ki)
QCB Y - Double Buster (Can in air)(Uses 500 ki)
QCF A - Dash Flurry
QCB A - Dash Kick (Can in air)
QCF B - Sword Combo
QCB B - Launcher

2QCF Y - Burning Attack(Can in air)(Uses 1000 ki)
2QCB Y - Burning Attack Alt.(Air Only)(Uses 1000 ki)
2QCB B - Burning Heat Attack(Uses 2000 ki)
z - Hyper Shining Sword(Must be in hyper mode)